I Don't Want Safe. I Want Good

The band MoveSomebody came to us with a problem. They were previously a husband and wife worship duo who had rootsy acoustic vibes to their music. But had recently found a new sound. This was calling for a whole new approach to their vibe and aesthetic and marketing approach.

Not only were they releasing a new album but it was during the Covid-19 outbreak in January of 2020. None of us knew that we would eventually be locked down in our homes to help flatten the curve and slow the sickness. This caused lots of fear. In response to this, the band released a few singles and in response to the shelter-in-place orders in most states, quickly shifted their release party to an online release on the eve of their debut self-titled release going live on all streaming platforms.

This project needed a whole new approach to every aspect of marketing and deliverables. MoveSomebody was a movement not just a new album of music. So we treated it as such and developed content to invite people along. Including a Launch Team campaign to help spread the word and build up a fan base via email capture on the website.

See more of what we created including the website, merchandise and Social Media Assets below.



MoveSomebody needed to rebrand from their previous style of swampy, acoustic worship music to a new-found pop-edge that gave not only a new sound but a dynamic aesthetic.  The colors, the images all needed to coincide. We used photography, graphic design, and product design to wrap this new brand with a dark but hopeful vibe.

We built an entire website and social media package around the launch of the album and new merchandise. We built out their e-commerce and email marketing campaigns so they can sell products and follow up with fans for exclusive deals, new merch, and event promotions. We’re really proud of the entire package.