Art of Essentials

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We could tell you all about this project, but sometimes our clients say it best:

“Hi, my name is Amy Early. I’m an artist, wife to Jacob, mother to 5 children, wellness enthusiast, writer, lover of home decor and good design. Travel is my love language. I’m a foodie at heart and I also love finding that healthy balance as much as possible, but you could say that cheese plates are my favorite. This space was born out of a desire to have a home for all of my interests and share my story with you all! You’ll find inspirational writings, pieces of my story, art inspo, motherhood, wellness, plants, to name a few. I love sharing my journey with you all, thanks for stopping by!”



The challenge with some clients is that they have so many things they are interested in. But, every once in a while we find one who has plowed the field, sown the seed, and reaped the harvest of the hard work that ties them all together into a very clear platform. Amy did just this when she gave birth to artofessentials, a lifestyle brand bringing together her love of essential oils, wellness, and creativity. We are so proud of her and especially of how this project turned out. Amy was an exceptional client and definitely raised the bar for us in so many ways.

Art of Essentials